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The assurance of a quality metal roof

Metal roofs are gaining in popularity in Quebec and Ontario. Solutions Toiture and its experienced team have the knowledge and reputation to take a respected and well-deserved place in the metal roofing business. Our sheet metal roof protection product improves the longevity and strength of your metal roof. The rubber membrane acts as a protective layer on your roof, depending on the number of layers applied. It also considerably reduces your energy costs.

A guarantee for your metal roof

For several years now, Solutions Toiture has been offering an alternative to the complete replacement of your metal roof. Our sprayed liquid rubber membrane provides complete protection and waterproofing for your roof.

Solutions Toiture offers a reliable solution and an easy-to-understand guarantee for customers wishing to apply layers of liquid rubber membranes to their metal roofs. For example, one coat of paint gives you a basic 10-year warranty, with the possibility of an extended 15-year warranty with an additional coat. What’s more, you can extend your warranty for a further 15 years by adding a layer of membrane to maintain your metal roof before the end of the initial warranty period.

They put their trust in us