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Metal domes

Dome roofs are more complex. Only experts such as Roofing Solutions are able to carry out your work on this type of roof.

We are able to revive your roof and ensure that it is completely waterproof!

We clean with special products. Then we spray all joints and screws with a high-density rubber-based product. And finally, we spray a liquid rubber over the entire surface, which can be dyed at your request.

The products we use are highly resistant to salts, acids and water.

On the thermal side, they are completely stable materials, thus eliminating the problems caused by the extreme weather conditions we have in Quebec.

We use materials that provide excellent efficiency due to their high solar reflection, thus reducing membrane expansion and contraction and heat accumulation. This controls the roof temperature, which offers considerable energy savings and extends the life of your new roof!

In addition, these products can be applied at temperatures lower than those normally required for roof repairs, so we can do your work at any time of the year!

All the products we use are class A, which ensures fire resistance.


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