Waterproofing of sheet metal roofs

Solutions Toiture offers first and foremost a service of roof painting. Our coatings for sheet metal roofs improve the resistance and longevity of sheet metal roofs. The coatings can be used to preserve or improve the appearance, the adhesion or to increase the resistance to corrosion, the waterproofness, and to adjust the finish of the surfaces. Solutions Toiture renews and maintains sheet metal roofs with the help of a liquid rubber, making the roof completely sealed. Generally, the roofs of municipal, commercial, industrial and even some housing buildings are covered with a sheet metal roof. It is important to maintain and renew its roof in order to extend its lifespan and its waterproofness.

Steps for the renewal of a roof

The renewal process of a sheet metal roof consists of three simple steps. First of all, we clean the sheet metal roof from fats and we eliminate the rust with the help of an anticorrosion product. Then, we cover the seals and screws with a rubber membrane mix. Finally, we cover the whole surface with an energy-efficient and long-lasting rubber membrane, which gives an added tightness and harmonizes the refection. It is a renewal process for roofs of all kinds that is durable, economical and efficient that enables to solve many often observed roof problems on buildings who possess a sheet metal roof.

The materials used are very resistant to salts, acids and water. They are thermally stable, eliminating the problems caused by the extreme weather conditions that we know in Quebec. In addition, the products used can be applied at temperatures lower than those normally required to effectively repair a roof. It is therefore possible to restore a sheet metal roof almost at any time of the year! The materials used allow excellent energy efficiency thanks to their high solar reflection reducing the expansion and contraction of the membrane and the accumulation of heat. As the sheet metal roof temperature is lowered, you benefit from energy savings and make sure to extend the life of your new roof. The products and materials used for the repair of industrial, municipal and residential sheet metal roofs are class A, which gives them fire resistance.

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Advantages of the rubber membrane

The rubber membrane is first of all an eco-energetic solution. It greatly contributes to diminish the air-conditioning and heating costs of your building. Its high solar reflection minimizes the expansion and contraction of the membrane and the accumulation of heat. The temperature of the roof thus being lowered, you benefit from energy savings. The simplicity of application of the membrane, as well as the execution speed of the Solutions Toiture team enables your store to remain open, and all your employees can continue working. The paint can even be applied during the colder periods.

As opposed to the welded membranes which increase the risks of fire, the application of the liquid rubber is made at low temperatures. This membrane is rated class A, which means that the product is resistant to fire. Its cost, a fraction of the price from the other products on the market, considerably reduces your bill and also offers you a better guarantee, adapted to your needs.

A proven solution

Solutions Toiture offers a flexible guarantee according to the number of membrane layers that will cover your roof. For example, one layer of paint will give you a 5-year guarantee, where two layers of paint will provide you with a 10-year guarantee. Moreover, by adding a new layer of flexible membrane every 10 years, you extend the length of your guarantee indefinitely.