Roof painting

To paint your roof after the finish or even give it a fresh layer when necessary is of capital importance in order to keep your roof in good shape. The paint will offer an additional layer of protection against the elements, such as the sun, water, ice and snow as well as the freezing and thawing along the seasons, the oxidation and even mold, by preventing water infiltrations.

Not only will this give a nice appearance to your roof, but most importantly, it will prevent corrosion and the early aging of your roof and will save you from having to redo your roof prematurely. When comes the time to choose which type of paint to use, better opt for a quality product. This way, it will last longer, and this will offer a more efficient protection to your roof. You can be sure that our company only uses the high quality products in order to ensure you with the best protection.

We are the ones who possess the most experience in order to ensure that you obtain a quality service, with an impeccable finish. Our valiant workers will guarantee you a courteous and most of all fast service, to get a protected roof in less time you need to say winter. We clearly are the most efficient in the area! Whether it is a sheet metal, galvanised iron, aluminium or metallic roof, we possess the expertise to work on all types of roofs. Whatever your needs are, we have the solution.

The first stage of operations will consist in preparing the surface. It is a very important step before beginning, and we don’t neglect any necessary steps for the protection of your roof, from the preparation, to the repairing (if needed) up to the stage of applying the product as such. All this to ensure ourselves that the work is well done and that there will be no flaws on your roof.

Before proceeding to the protection ensuing the preparation, we are also able to do any repairs that could be necessary on your roof. If some areas of the roof have suffered some damages and we are able to do some small repairs, we shall do them first. If you believe your roof is too damaged to apply a new layer of paint, know that sheet metal roofs are never too damaged to add an extra layer of protection.

We are able to repair all hitches, such as holes caused by rust for example, or any other deterioration that may have occurred. Then, we can apply a rubber membrane on the roof, in order to cover it completely and thus make it 100% waterproof.

This type of covering will also offer a protection against all types of weather. This will protect your roof from the sun’s UV rays, which also causes a reduction of your building’s energy consumptions afterwards.

We will be able to offer you a new roof, no matter the type, and offer you the highest roof quality and roof protection available on the market.

Our company is therefore expert in the roofing art and perfectly masters all the stages of painting, and even of the repairs and complete construction and refurbishment of roofs. Rely on the best to do the job, and choose our company who offers you the best guarantee after work.

The rubber membrane that we apply possesses a 40 to 50 year guarantee! Here’s something to give you the assurance that your roof and building are well protected. Choose a company who is truly concerned about quality such as ours!

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