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Our products

Solutions Toiture is first and foremost a sheet metal roofing protection service. Our coatings improve the strength and longevity of metal roofs. Coatings can be used to preserve or improve the appearance, adhesion, corrosion resistance, sealing and finish of surfaces. Solutions Toiture renews and maintains sheet metal roofs with a sprayed liquid rubber membrane, making the roof weatherproof. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, agri-food, municipal, barn or metal dome roof, it’s important to maintain and renew your roof to extend its life and waterproofing.

Advantages of rubber membrane

The rubber membrane is first and foremost an energy-efficient solution. It makes a major contribution to reducing your building’s air-conditioning and heating costs. Its high solar reflection reduces membrane expansion and contraction, and heat build-up. This lowers the roof temperature and saves energy. The ease with which the membrane can be applied, and the speed with which the Solutions Toiture team can carry it out, will keep your business open and your employees working. The paint can even be applied in colder weather.

Unlike welded membranes, which increase the risk of fire, liquid rubber is applied cold. This membrane is rated Class A, meaning that the product is fire-resistant. Its cost, being a fraction of other products on the market, considerably reduces your bill and also offers you a better warranty.

A proven solution

Solutions Toiture offers a flexible warranty based on the number of layers of membrane that will cover your roof. For example, one coat of paint gives you a 5-year warranty, two coats give you a 10-year warranty. What’s more, by adding a new layer of flexible membrane every ten years, you can extend your warranty indefinitely.

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