Waterproofing of sheet metal roofs

Metallic roofs are self-supporting structures that are very expensive to replace.

For many years already, we have been able to revive your roof and give a complete waterproofness to its structure. The process is the same as for standard sheet metal roofs.

First, we clean the roof with special products and high-pressure water jets.

Then, we seal all the seals and screws with a high-density rubber-based product.

Finally, we pulverize a liquid rubber on the whole roof area. The liquid rubber can be dyed on the client’s request.

The products used are very resistant to salts, acids and water. Thermally speaking, these materials are stable, thus eliminating the problems caused by the extreme weather conditions we are familiar with here in Quebec.

Moreover, these products can be applied at temperatures below those usually necessary to efficiently accomplish the refection of a roof.

It is therefore possible to proceed to the restoration of a sheet metal roof all year long! The used materials enable an excellent energy efficiency thanks to their high solar reflection, thus minimizing the expansion and contraction of the membrane and the accumulation of heat.

With the temperature of the sheet metal roof being lower, you will benefit from energy savings and you will be ensured to extend the lifespan of your new roof.

The products and materials used for the refection of industrial, municipal and residential sheet metal roofs are of class A, which makes them fire resistant.

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